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Hello everyone, as you have already probably guessed, this is my very own website. You’ll be able to find out about upcoming projects, read some of the material I write, keep up with my blog, and get in contact with me. I am very excited to talk with you and let you in on the strangeness that is my mind’s eye. I am hoping along the way we can have a bit of an adventure together and that you know – You ALWAYS have a partner in adventure with me! I am sure that as you get to know me, read some of my work, and maybe even one day sit down for a beer and a chat – you’ll eventually get to like me and my sense of humour. Until that day, keep up with me here and also on my social media. Now, let the adventure begin…

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Rodney Renton


The Marijuana Diaries

This is a Special Edition hardcover with the original cover design. It is a bit pricey at $65, but it is the original manuscript and my concept before it was actually published.

Coming Soon...

I have another children's book that is ready for an actual artist to illustrate. I am working on finding a partner for this project. At the moment the blog, copywriting, and the odd article are what I am up to.

I Hate The Cold, I Don't Want To Go!

This is my paperback children's book and it is a little more affordable at $12.95. This book was created with my good buddy and alter ego, Mr. Todd Stinson. His Pictures, My Words.


Read my work and follow my blog. Get to know the author behind the words.


I wear my heart on my sleeve and hope that you'll some of my own adventures.


Follow me as I begin my new adventure down South. COMING SOON...

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